How to find my pool tokens (e.g. bnBNT, bnLINK, bnETH)?

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On Bancor 3, you will receive pool tokens upon staking, which represent your share of the pool’s liquidity, fees and rewards.
You can find them on your "Portfolio" under "Holdings".

Scenario 1 - You have not/ are not sure if you have staked your pool tokens. 

Select the tokens you have staked, here we are using BNT as an example. If there is "0 BNT" in the "Staked" column, it means you need to stake your bnLINK pool tokens to start accruing BNT rewards.

Follow the guide here.


Scenario 2 - You have staked your pool tokens:


Select the tokens you have staked, you will see Staked.

If you wish to unstake, you can click "Manage" and you will be prompted to confirm to unstake, follow by paying the network fee and gas fees.


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