What is Bancor?

Bancor is an ecosystem of decentralized protocols that promote onchain trading and liquidity. Bancor has always been at the forefront of DeFi innovation, beginning in 2017 with the invention of bonding curves, pool tokens, and the AMM - which still remain extensively used across the industry.

Its flagship protocol, Carbon DeFi, is a decentralized trading protocol allowing users to perform automated trading strategies using custom onchain limit orders and range orders, with an innovative offering of recurring orders - a novel trading strategy consisting of two linked orders, one to buy and one to sell. When one order is filled, newly acquired tokens automatically rotate and fund the opposite order, continuously compounding profits with each rotation.

By design, Carbon DeFi's novel limit, range, and recurring orders are irreversible on execution and easily adjustable directly onchain. These capabilities give users an unprecedented level of control and automation to perform trading strategies onchain.

The Arb Fast Lane, a separate open-source arbitrage protocol, allows any user to perform arbitrage between Bancor ecosystem protocols and external onchain exchanges and redirect arbitrage profits back to the Bancor ecosystem.

All Bancor ecosystem protocols are governed by the BancorDAO via staked BNT and vBNT.

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