MetaMask Setup Guide

MetaMask is one among many Web3 wallets that serve as an Ethereum supported crypto wallet and a way to interact with protocols using smart contracts.

Step 1:

Go to

We advise bookmarking any link that might be used in order to avoid phishing sites.

Step 2:

Click on "Download" at the top right.

MetaMask is available for computers (as a browser extension) or on iOS/Android. After installing it as a browser extension, you will be prompted to create a new wallet.

Step 3:

Click on "Get Started" and choose "import existing wallet" or, in the case that you do not have a Web3 wallet, choose to create a new wallet.

Step 4:

Click on "Create a Wallet". A 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase will generate automatically. This phrase will serve as the unique key to the created wallet and cannot be recovered if lost. Be sure to save your 12-word secret recovery phrase somewhere safe and secure.

If you choose to import a wallet by entering your seed phrase, please make sure it's being done in a safe way. No one will ever ask for your private keys in any format unless you recover it from one wallet interface to another.

Step 5:

Create password. Password is required for your future login on the same device.

Step 6:

You are all set! Now you can either fund your wallet or connect your wallet directly on Bancor.

If you have have a hardware wallet, you can connect to it as well. This is done by right clicking on the MetaMask extension followed by the top right circle, which will then open a new tab to choose from.

IMPORTANT: No one from Bancor or AmaZix will ever send you a DM requesting funds or private information regarding your identity or information about your seed phrase and/or private key. Any claim to assist with "smart wallet" or "integrations" is most likely an attempt to steal your tokens. There is NO Telegram support for Bancor. Bancor support is via our knowledge base ONLY.

If you still experience issues with MetaMask, you can check their FAQ here.

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