Guide to Stake Pool tokens (bnTKN) for Rewards

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On Bancor 3, you will receive pool tokens upon staking, which represent your share of the pool’s liquidity, fees and rewards.

There are two types of rewards to consider: 

1) Primary Token Rewards - rewards paid in the token you’ve staked, which are auto-compounding.

2) Bonus Rewards - rewards paid in a token that is different than the one you’ve staked. These rewards are not auto-compounding. Usually, if you are staking a non-BNT token (e.g., ETH or LINK) these rewards will be paid in BNT.
If you wish to earn Bonus Rewards after Migration, or if you have not toggled on the "Join rewards program" when you staked, you will have to stake your bnTKN. 

See guide below:

Step 1:

Go to our webapp and connect wallet.


Step 2:

Under "Holdings", select the token to stake your pool tokens. We are using BNT here as an example. Click "Stake" under the present icon.


Step 3:

Approve bnBNT. You will have to first approve the network fee.


Step 4:

Next, approve gas fees.


Step 5:

Done. You will see the tokens are now being staked for rewards under "Holdings". You will also see the amount of rewards on the right side of the token.

Step 6:

If you wish to unstake, you can click "Manage" and you will be prompted to confirm to unstake, follow by paying the network fee and gas fees.


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