Standard Rewards

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On Bancor 3, you will receive pool tokens upon staking, which represent your share of the pool’s liquidity, and increase in TKN value due to the trading fees that are earned.

Standard Rewards refers to a pre-determined rewards program that depositors can opt into. Rewards can be available per pool, based on the Bancor DAO's decisions.

In order to receive rewards, users must select “Join rewards program” in the Bancor app when depositing or migrating, which automatically stakes their pool tokens (such as bnETH,bnLINK) in the rewards program's contract. 

For example, let’s say you stake LINK in the LINK pool, and the pool is receiving both LINK and BNT rewards. As an LP, you are automatically entitled to receive auto-compounding LINK rewards, however to also received BNT rewards you must select “Join rewards program”.


If you don't select "Join rewards program", you will find your pool tokens being unstaked in your portfolio, which you could later use for native staking, governance voting, lending and so on once integrations with 3rd party tokens projects are available.

Tokens with a gift icon next to them indicate that there is a standard reward program enabled on it.

Standard Rewards is different than Auto Compounding Rewards(ACR), a feature which is not live yet, and simplify the process of users receiving rewards as it removes the need to interact with any programs like standard rewards

Estimated APR based on last 24h trading fees, auto compounding and standard rewards.


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