Bancor Trading Guide

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Bancor is now one of the best place to trade DeFi tokens due to low trading fees and deep liquidity. Here, we will show you how to buy tokens on Bancor in few steps.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Connect your wallet

Click on Connect Wallet (highlighted in the yellow box below), then select Metamask from the list of wallets that appears thereafter:


You may be prompted to enter your password into your Chrome or Firefox Metamask plug-in. Once connected, you will see your wallet address appear on the UI as below (in the yellow box):


Step 3. Select the token you wish to Pay/ Sell



Step 4. Select the token you wish to receive


Step 5. Enter the input or output amount


Step 6. Click Trade

You will be prompted in Metamask to pay a small network fee (giving you permission to create a transaction) if this is your first time trading on Bancor in a while. Once confirmed, you will then be asked to pay the gas fee (highlighted in yellow below) to enact the transaction.


Step 7. Click confirm

Wait for the transaction to be completed, and you're done! 


If you encounter any issues, please feel free to reach out via our email, Telegram & Discord group.

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