Bancor Staking Guide

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Bancor allows token holders to deposit and earn on their favorite tokens with true Single-Sided Staking. Bancor won’t convert your tokens 50/50 into BNT, ETH or any another asset. As a result, depositors on Bancor maintain their desired exposure to their tokens while earning interest.

Follow the Video guide or Quick How-To Guide below:

Quick How-To Guide:

Step 1: Visit the Earn page by clicking here

In the Earn page, you'll be able to see tokens available for deposits on Bancor.


Step 2: Connect your Web3 Wallet

Click "Connect Wallet" on the top right of the page and get connected to your Web3 wallet. We provide several options such as MetaMask (See MetaMask guide), hardware wallets and others as your preferred wallet.

Step 3: Choose a token & Select token amount

In the Earn page, click on "Deposit" in the relevant token line you want to deposit. After clicking on "Deposit" a new prompt will appear asking you to specify the amount of tokens you want to deposit.Screen_Shot_2022-05-08_at_13.54.13.png

efore depositing, you will be prompt to toggle "Join rewards program". 

By selecting "Join rewards program", you are staking your pool tokens into a rewards contract, hence additional gas fees will be incurred. 

Clicking on “Deposit” will prompt an approval request (learn more about approvals here)

Screen_Shot_2022-05-08_at_14.07.21.png           Set allowance prompt                                                      Portfolio page notification alerts

Step 4: Confirmation & Track your holdings

After completing the approval transaction and the deposit transaction that followed right after, you should be referred automatically to your Portfolio page, where you can track your deposits and their returns.



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