Bancor V3: Introduction

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Bancor 3 is set as The Ultimate DeFi Liquidity Solution to drive healthy liquidity and sustainable yields for token holders, token projects, DAOs and the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. 

Bancor 3 introduces a new Omnipool architecture  that dramatically simplifies the protocol’s contract, improving efficiency and usability at every touchpoint. New features include Unlimited Single-Sided Staking, Instant impermanent protection (read about IL by clicking here), Auto-Compounding Rewards, Dual Rewards , and additional External IL protection by 3rd party projects. These features are subject to the withdrawal cooldown and a 0.25% withdrawal fee.

By making liquidity provision into AMMs safer and simpler for everyday users, Bancor 3 puts DeFi liquidity back in the hands of DAOs and their token holders.


Key features:

  • Unlimited Single-Sided Staking
    Provide liquidity and earn yield in a single token. No need to pair 50/50 or buy another asset. No deposit limits.
  • Single BNT Pool
    A single place to stake BNT and earn revenue from the entire network of liquidity pools.
  • Instant Impermanent Loss Protection
    Receive 100% Impermanent Loss Protection from the moment your tokens are staked. No need to wait 100 days for full protection.
  • Auto-Compounding Rewards 
    Earnings from trading fees and rewards are auto-compounding, enabling a truly “set and forget” staking experience.
  • Dual Rewards
    Third-party token projects can now incentivize liquidity on Bancor, so users can earn both BNT and non-BNT rewards which are auto-compounding and free from Impermanent Loss.
  • Lower Gas Fees
    The new Omnipool architecture allows for trades to be processed in a single hop instead of two, ensuring optimal trading routes. The Omnipool also simplifies the protocol’s contract architecture to enable lower gas costs on depositing and withdrawing.
  • Smart Portfolio
    A new front-end interface gives full transparency into actual net earnings (“LP vs. HOLD”) on your deposited tokens.

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