Creating a Bancor Improvement Proposal (BIP)

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Below is a simple guide explaining how to create a Bancor Improvement Proposal:

1. Publish Proposal: Anyone can publish a proposal on the Bancor governance forum at

2. Discussion Period: DAO proposal is up for discussion for a minimum of 2-3 days

3. Voting Period: After the discussion period has passed, the proposal can be put up on Snapshot. We have some community members that happily do this on the next Sunday around 5pm GMT. Voting period lasts 3 days.

4. Voting completes: Proposal passes as long as it meets the minimum quorum and FOR votes requirements that can be viewed here.

5. Final steps: Proposal is moved to the Archive Category on If it passes, the corresponding tasks are added to the Bancor pipeline for implementation.

Visit the full guide here.


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