Utilizing Bancor for Your DAO or Token Project

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Bancor offers DAOs and token projects a more risk-averse and capital efficient option for driving on-chain liquidity and earning passive income on treasury funds as all deposits are single-sided.

The advantages for DAOs and token projects of depositing treasury funds on Bancor include:

Single-sided Staking

  • Deposit only your protocol's native token
  • No need to pair 50/50 or buy another token


  • Earn Auto-Compounding Fees in your token
  • Offer Auto-Compounding Rewards that are simultaneously used as liquidity from day one

External Liquidity Protection

By offering External Liquidity protection, third-party token projects take some of the burden of covering the cost of impermanent loss off the Bancor DAO and onto the third-party DAO. This gives the Bancor DAO a good reason to provide trading liquidity to these pools since the third-party DAO is shouldering some of the IL risk.

If you'd like to connect, contact tiago@bancor.network to discuss collaboration.



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