What is "Access full earnings"?

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On Bancor 3, you will receive pool tokens upon staking, which represent your share of the pool’s liquidity, fees and rewards.


There are two types of rewards to consider: 

1) Primary Token Rewards - rewards paid in the token you’ve staked, which are auto-compounding.

2) Bonus Rewards - rewards paid in a token that is different than the one you’ve staked. These rewards are not auto-compounding. Usually, if you are staking a non-BNT token (e.g., ETH or LINK) these rewards will be paid in BNT.


In order to receive Bonus Rewards, users must select “access full earnings” in the front-end when depositing, which automatically stakes their pool tokens in the Bonus Rewards contract. 


For example, let’s say you stake LINK in the LINK pool, and the pool is receiving both SNX and BNT rewards. As an LP, you are automatically entitled to receive auto-compounding SNX rewards, however to also received BNT rewards you must select “Access full earnings”.


If you don't select "Access full earnings", you will see your pool tokens (e.g., bnLINK) in your wallet, which you might use later on for other use cases e.g. native staking, lending, etc once integrations with token projects are enabled.

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