Dual Rewards

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Dual Rewards is part of the Bancor 3 Liquidity Mining Program, such as the bonus rewards programs. and auto-compounding rewards. The goal is to incentivize protocol participation for both BNT and non-BNT token holders, and is intended to grow the TVL of the network, as well as to further decentralize its liquidity provider user base. 

Third-party token projects can now incentivize liquidity on Bancor in the form of pool tokens which will gradually burn, so users can earn both BNT and non-BNT rewards, auto-compounding and free from impermanent loss. Token projects can provide either their native tokens or any third-party token.

Native tokens are auto-compounding; while third party tokens and BNT Rewards are considered as Bonus Rewards.

Visit BIP 18 for the full information on Bancor 3 Liquidity Mining Program.

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