Why Bancor?

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For Traders

• No sign-ups & non-custodial: Plug your wallet in and trade 150+ tokens on-chain, while maintaining complete ownership of your funds.


• Low Price Impact: Traders leverage Bancor’s deep liquidity pools to perform on-chain token trades with low price impact which allows traders to perform larger trades at lower prices versus less liquid exchanges.


For Liquidity Providers

• Single-Sided Staking: no more 50/50 split; earn with 100% upside exposure on 150+ tokens


• Instant Impermanent Loss Protection: 100% protection from impermanent loss from the moment you deposit your tokens.


• Auto-Compounding Earnings: Trading fees and token rewards are automatically re-added to your deposit, compounding your yield with zero maintenance.


• Dual Rewards: earn rewards from third-party token projects as well as BNT Rewards, both of which are protected from impermanent loss.


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